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My name is Jaesen, my business partner Jeff and I were both fortunate enough to be born and raised here in the heart of the beautiful Willamette valley.  Throughout the years we have worked together in many different environments and the one thing we took from each of those jobs is the absolute need to do what we can to provide the best customer service possible.  People like being treated with respect. It’s as simple as that.  This is what our whole business model is based on.  We offer lifetime warranties on the functionality of the screens we use because we refuse to use cheap parts only to make more money off of our patrons, we try to price our repairs so that it’s not only fair to us but fair to the customer as well, and we do what we can to take care of our customers because that’s how we would want to be treated if WE were the customer.


We are all familiar with how difficult it can be to deal directly with manufacturers (not mentioning any names here) when you’re having issues with your device.  It’s frustrating, sometimes degrading, and often times disappointing.  It seems as if they always want to put the blame on their customers and offer no solution except to sell you another device.  We experienced all of this when trying to have an issue repaired with one of our phones.  We turned down their “generous” offer to sell us a new device for only $400  (eyes rolling) and found a repair shop that repaired the device for $65.  That was when we decided that we needed more of this type of service so that people have options.  How wasteful is it to discard a phone because the button quits working the way it should after all?

We were off to Arizona to take classes at Cellular Repair School to get certification and here we are today.   We have been very blessed to be able to turn a hobby into a way of making a living, and providing a service that helps the community when they need it.  At the same time we are helping to cut down on unnecessary waste that would just add to the landfills and drain people’s pocketbooks.  All of this in a community that we love.